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Hey, skincare babes! Your skin will thank you for visiting. My name is Imani, the creator and CEO of the brand. This brand started in the kitchen of my Washington, DC one bedroom apartment and has since expanded to over 500 customers. Imani & Sankofa Skincare and Cosmetics has been around since 2017-- making improvements and learning lessons along the way. As a small business, it has been both trying and fulfilling- you make mistakes, you create things you love, you create things you hate, you fall in and out of love with the process,

but, you never stop going. As a provider of homemade and vegan skincare products, I have made it my mission to perfect these products, using the best ingredients and consistently doing research to better the overall quality of the products. I love each of my customers individually and thank you so greatly for the support. There's so much more to come!

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